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2015 Recovery

   New professional turn to take over the reins of the family business. Condition of recovery:

Create a champagne, in OUR image:

In 2015, By Fernand was born.

An uninhibited champagne, which moves the lines and

shakes up the codes, a free wine.

   Fernand's hat , my grandfather, is our logo. When else wears a crown, we chose color, simplicity

for more convenience.

 Our champagnes are mostly undosed:

(no added sugar)

Brut nature, Extra-brut, we don't follow a trend, we offer you what we like, because like our wine , we are free.

Harvesting-Handling POWER*

  We work our vines, we own our press, we vinify our grapes in our vat room, we market our champagnes to individuals, wine merchants, delicatessens, in France and around the world:

(Japan, United States, Europe).

A local champagne, traceability, we are

your direct contacts.

Respect the environment

and natural champagne

     Our vines are HVE * * certified , manual harvesting at maturity,

no chaptalisation, no fining, our champagnes age in the cellar

at least 3 years, which allows a minimum or even zero dosage,

for maximum flavor!


A diversity of terroirs

Our playground:

The Côte des Blancs and the Marne Valley.  

35 plots spread over 10 communes in the Marne with

3 traditional grape varieties Pinot Noir, Pinot Meunier and Chardonnay

and 2 so-called "forgotten" grape varieties: Pinot Blanc and Petit Meslier

  5 grape varieties for endless creations...


*Find the mention RM on the labels

RM= 100% homemade

** High Environmental Value : Level 3


Desacralization with respect for champagne, simplicity, joy and good humor in communication.

So are you following us?

Because it is now!

Vanessa & Xavier

Happy Néovinegrowers

Qui est By Fernand?

Qui est By Fernand?


— Grandfather Fernand in 1982

parcel "the apple trees" Monthelon 51530

“Grandfather Fernand.

He is our inspiration, he embodies simplicity,

common sense, a job well done,

the passion for the profession of winegrower.”


team spirit

   By Fernand adheres to the Champagne de Vignerons collective banner which brings together all the winegrowers and unions of winegrowers who market champagne. The Champagne winegrowers are united and proud of their AOC Champagne, which they protect from imitations.

“It is since 2001 that Champagne has been committed to a process of sustainable viticulture which has led, in particular, to reducing the quantities of vine protection products applied by 50% , to treating 100% of wine effluents , to recover 90% of waste and 100% of by-products , to reduce the carbon footprint of each bottle by 15% .

   With this ambitious new tool, winegrowers and Champagne houses now have the choice between self-assessed sustainable viticulture, certified sustainable viticulture and organic viticulture.  “, declares the press release of the CIVC.




and virtuous

     By Fernand works his plots of vines with respect for the environment.

We plow our soils, we have removed herbicides, insecticides (installation of raks) and we use products classified as bio-control to fight against diseases. We listen to our vines in order to reduce interventions as much as possible, we guide the vines, we are not in a policy of yields but of quality of the grapes . Our grapes arrive healthy at the pressing center, the vinification is then as natural as possible.

Analyzes of pesticide residues in our champagnes are carried out regularly , in our opinion these analyzes have more value than any certification.

​     Our operation has been HVE* certified since April 2019 , for the moment we do not wish to lock ourselves into yet another government initiative.

From 2021 our farm will be run organically with the use of products approved for organic farming .

*High Environmental Value



RM mention on the label


   We produce 100% of our grapes

     This harvester-handler status guarantees you that we cultivate our vines, produce our champagne and market it, we control our entire production chain. This total control of the production process, from the grape to the bottle, ensures traceability, consistency of our wines and quality of our champagnes .

     We have our press , our winery, Xavier is in charge during the harvest for a selection of the best juices of the year.

    Less than 2,000 growers-handlers display the famous mention "RM" on the labels , we harvest our grapes and then we handle our bottles. Take a look at the label and also make sure that the winemaker has his own press and vat room.

By Fernand militant of RM POWER

By Fernand RM-30646-01

Number issued by the CIVC*

*Interprofessional Committee for Champagne Wines

By Fernand Team



Happy reconverted winegrower, this autodidact northerner is at ease in the winery, in the vineyards and with his customers. He is at the origin of the resumption of the exploitation, he likes the challenges.



Fernand's granddaughter had nevertheless said "never"!

Back to basics, to the land of his ancestors. The only condition for recovery: to modernize the image of Champagne.

"By Fernand I want to take him very far".



In place for 25 years on the family farm, he is the versatile man of the house, in the oven and mill, always efficient.

He followed us in this new adventure with his eyes closed.

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